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Laptop Car Mount


Selecting A Laptop Car Mount

If you have not had the opportunity to use a laptop car mount in your car, truck, SUV or van, the confusion surrounding the selection can seem overwhelming task. Searching online, you will find mounts made from Plumbing Pipe, you buy at the local hardware store. Others are very light weight and unstable. Some have limited adjustment and many require you to sacrifice the passenger seat. All different price ranges prevail, from the $29.95 for a set of plans to build your own, to $800 or more for models built from plate steel, that are a permanent bolt in, to your vehicle. Despite this confusing array of product, we hope we can give you some basic guidelines that will allow you to make an informed decision and help you choose the product best suited for your needs.


Track Record and Satisfaction

When making a selection, it is absolutely critical that you choose a laptop car mount product from a business with a proven track record and history of customer service. In addition, the product line should also have a track record of satisfaction for users. Check closely before you purchase! Does the seller offer money back or just a credit towards another purchase? Will you have to pay freight and how much? Many sellers reflect low prices but when you go to complete the sale, on line, the freight charges bring the total cost past competitors. What happens if you have a problem or don't like the laptop car mount you purchased? Can you actually talk to someone at the company or do they hide behind voice mail and you need to leave a message? Remember, it is your money and making the right choice is important for your peace of mind and convenience of doing business. Wasn't the internet supposed to make purchasing easy?


Laptop Car Mount Convenience

Before making you final selection in a laptop car mount you should be sure that it meets or exceeds all the things you want it to do. Can it be adjusted so both driver or passenger can see or use the mount? Could you use the laptop car mount in both a business or family way? Such as being able to adjust the laptop car mount so it could be a portable DVD player. Will it tilt, turn, adjust in height or be stable if you leave your laptop in place while driving? Can it be adjusted so that it is ergonomically comfortable for you to use? Once you have your laptop car mount, you want to be able to use it without discomfort and in as many ways as possible. Can the mount be easily removed? Some laptop car mounts are permanently mounted and still others require a lot of work to remove. If you're not using the mount 100% of the time, you will want to be able to remove it quickly and easily. How easy is the installation and does it require that you drill in the floor? There is no question that not every vehicle manufactured has a custom no-drill laptop car mount made for it, but for the most part, a large selection is available and hundreds of vehicles are covered. Unfortunately there are times when no such custom choice is available and you will have to go with a laptop car mount that requires drilling. Be selective, some installations of this kind are quite easy and others are not.


Quality of Construction

Like everything in life, purchasing a laptop car mount means you need to be aware of the quality of product. Price alone does not guarantee quality of merchandise or its' component parts.. If a Manufacturer or Distributor can not provide you with proper guarantees, be cautious. Any quality product, from a reputable firm, be it a laptop car mount or any other vehicle accessory will always protect you, the purchaser. Be sure, do your own checking, get all your questions answered before you buy!



We Dare To Compare and Recommend - Jotto Desk the Industry Leader

Diversified Products (https://www.jottodesk.net) - The leading laptop car mount specialists are proud to make available the industry leading Jotto Desk. With over 12 years of experience in the market place, the Jotto Desk brand laptop car mount is a quality product, manufactured in the USA. Originally made for Police and Public Safety, it soon became apparent that mobile professionals in all lines of work, needed a laptop car mount solution. With the explosion of GPS a new market place opened up as anyone with a laptop could now utilize a laptop car mount solution. This also opened the doors to families who could use their laptop as an entertainment centre, playing DVD's for the kids to watch. Because the Jotto Desk is so versatile and has an endless ability for adjustment, everything you could possibly want to use your laptop for, in the vehicle, is accommodated. Over the years, more custom models were made available to help satisfy the ever increasing business and consumer demand. Additionally, accessories were developed to add an even greater flexibility for the mobile computing user. One of the many convenient ways to get full use from your Jotto Desk is to purchase one mount but two bases. Because the upper portion of the Jotto Desk is quickly and easily removed, it can be moved to a second vehicle and conveniently mounted on the second base. A quick and easy solution for using the laptop car mount for work and family use.


People who have used the Jotto Desk have come from all walks of industry such as Utility Companies, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Construction, Insurance Adjusters, Landscapers, Sales, Delivery Businesses, Appliance Repair, Plumbers, Electricians, Military, Boaters, Vacationers and Families to name but a few of the many. If you have a laptop and you want to use it while on the go - Jotto Desk is the solution - Guaranteed!


 The engineering that goes in to each mount leaves no room for compromise and quality is assured. This is why we offer a Customer Guarantee that should give you confidence to purchase THE industry leading laptop car mount. But don't take our word for it, see what others had to say on our Customer Comments page. The mobile computing solutions experts at Diversified Products market the Jotto Desk through our online retail location here, as well, you can phone in Toll-Free 1-866-314-5427 throughout North America.


To begin your laptop car mount selection, use the menu at the left of this page or at the bottom.




Lowest Price Guarantee!

If you find a lower regular advertised price on-line, we will refund 110% of the difference!
(see Customer Guarantee for details)


365 Day Return Guarantee!

We accept returns for up to one full year from the date of purchase.

(see Customer Guarantee for details)


Free Shipping!

When you buy a Jotto Desk, laptop car mount, online, from us, we prepay ground freight to you.

(see Shipping Policy page for details)

Live Answering!

No voice mail! A live person, knowledgeable about laptop car mounts will answer the phone, during business hours.

Tax Free!

All shipments, to absolutely any State, are TAX FREE! One more way to save!



Laptop Car Mount
Jotto Desk Fleet Pricing

Using cars and trucks as mobile offices is becoming more and more common. Mobile professionals must ensure they have stable and secure work surfaces to use their laptops on and that these laptop car mounts can be easily removed when not in use. We offer fleet discounts when companies are purchasing small or large quantities of laptop car mounts to outfit their vehicles. All fleet pricing is based on a quantity and firm quotation basis and requires that you contact us by phone or email. Email sales@diversifiedproducts.net There is no cost or obligation and we are happy to answer any of your questions before you purchase.


Jotto Desk Fleet Sample Program

We realize that it is not always easy to decide product satisfaction when considering the outfitting of a fleet, for the first time. We'll make it easy for you! If your Company is considering the purchase of multiple mounts, you could be eligible for a SAMPLE JOTTO DESK at no cost or obligation. Call today -- Toll Free 866-314-5427 for details and to order your sample Jotto Desk. We're happy to remove the guesswork.


It's important to remember that using your laptop while driving is advised against. Even passengers should be careful if they are using their mobile gear while the vehicle is in motion.


The Mobile Jotto Accessory Desk can be easily adjusted and ergonomically engineered so that a passenger can be using a laptop while the vehicle is in use, or when the vehicle is parked the driver can use the laptop car mount to position the keyboard comfortably within reach. The Jotto Desk brand creates a more ergonomic work environment inside your vehicle. There are also optional accessory holders for your other mobile gear such as PDA holders, Cell Phone Holders, Printer Stands and more.


Laptop Car Mount
Jotto Desk Console and Public Safety Mobile Solutions

To accommodate all Public Safety, Police, Fire, EMS, Counties and Government Agencies, we have a sales division dedicated to providing complete answers for your specialty needs. This includes the Jotto Desk Laptop Desk, Jotto Desk Contour Console, Kodiak Docking Stations, Radio and Equipment Consoles and replacement parts. Call us now for your solution, let us take the guesswork out of the decision. Toll Free 866-314-5427


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