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1998-2001 Ford F150 Super Crew (with Bucket Seats) Truck Mount DISCONTINUED

F300 Ford Truck Laptop Mount



Unit Code F300 - Part No: 425-5322

The custom Ford F150 Super Crew Jotto Desk mobile computer mount was engineered for use in Ford F150 Super Crew (with bucket seats) for the years 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. 

To help you better understand the Jotto Desk Ford F150 laptop truck mount, we have included links to all the various components and common questions. These links open a small pop-up window with a description, some include pictures and many have a short video clip that will show you how that part of the laptop truck mount works. We encourage you to use these, so you can get complete laptop mount details.

Jotto Desk F300 Standard Features

NetBook Desktop Option now Available!

 Solid 2 Piece Base connects under the passenger seat rails and fastens securely to the floor bolts, with No Drilling required! The Tube and Rod, used for vertical height adjustment, is easily adjusted with the use of the Soft Touch Knob and Screw. This will allow the laptop mount to clear the center console in your F150. The Articulating Swing Arm provides horizontal adjustment, so that the laptop can be positioned for comfortable use by either driver or passenger. The laptop mount swing arm, and desk top are locked in position with the use of "Ratchet Handle" tighteners. Your laptop can be attached or detached in seconds, from the desktop, with the use of the patented Cable Dock  laptop attaching system.  This superior holding system can be adjusted to handle any size or type of laptop computer, including tablets. The desktop is made from an extremely rigid and durable plastic polymer, sits on an adjustable swivel point, allowing the Desktop to Swivel 360° and Tilt 320.  Ergonomic comfort while using your Jotto Desk mobile office mount is assured because of it's wide range of adjustability! The laptop mount will work equally well if your truck has buckets or split bench seating.

This Jotto Desk laptop truck mount is passenger friendly; leaving plenty of room for a person to sit in the front passenger seat with the laptop mount installed.  When no laptop mount is required, the Jotto Desk is easily removed, without tools, in seconds.

Optional Accessories

Common sense dictates that the vehicles driver or passenger should not attempt to use a laptop in any way while the vehicle is in motion.  However, if you intend to travel with the notebook computer open on the mount, for applications such as laptop GPS or passenger entertainment, we do STRONGLY RECOMMEND the purchase of an Accessory Screen Holder which will minimize screen movement and significantly reduce wear and tear on your computer hardware.

There are two other things to consider when using a laptop in your F150. Laptop security and power. First, if you intend to leave your laptop in your F150 unattended, we suggest a Kensington Lock to provide security. Secondly, powering your laptop inside your truck for an extended time, is best achieved with the use of a quality laptop Power Adapter or Inverter. We recommend Lind Products, for the best in laptop protection and  " Clean Power".  Deciding if you need a Power Inverter or a Power Adapter is quite straight forward. If you think you want to have power available for other devices, other than your laptop, a power inverter is the choice. If you are going to keep the same brand of laptop and will never need power for any other device, a power adapter is the one to choose.

To see the Jotto Desk in action, click on the video button below. If you have any questions, call us Toll Free 866-314-5427 or click on the Live Help button to the left. If live help is closed you can still click on it and leave an email message.


Order the F300 Jotto Desk securely online and take advantage of significant savings, click on the Buy Now button.

  Laptop Mount Video  
Jotto Desk F300 Components

(Opens in pop-up window)

Desk Top

Articulating Swing Arm

Telescoping Tube&Rod

Quick Lock




Screen Holder (optional accessory)


Jotto Desk Accessories

Accessories Video Click Here

Click photos below to enlarge!

Screen Holder

Screen Holder

Side Table

Printer Side Table

Universal Cell Phone Holder

Cell Phone Holder

Universal PDA Holder

PDA Holder

Laptop Desk Accessory 3 Way power Splitter

3 Way Power Splitter

12" Height Extension Rod

12" Height Extension

Brace Leg

Brace Leg

USB Laptop Lite

USB Laptop Lite

Base Plate

Base Plate

Arm Extension

7" Extension Arm

Dual Brace Leg

Dual Brace Legs

Lind Power Adapter

Lind Power Adapters

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